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The Phytogenic Acidifier

Research shows that Feedadd significantly improves Feed Conversion Ratio by lowering pH, activating pepsins, stimulating pancreatic secretion which leads to improved digestion of feed and feed proteins

Unique mode of Action

Lowers pH and provides protection against pathogens entering the gastro-intestinal tract thus controlling morbidity and mortality

Stimulates acid and pancreatic secretion which leads to improved digestion, absorption and retention of protein, amino acids and phosphorus

Lowers the pH to optimum levels and enhances activity of proteolytic enzymes thus ensuring complete digestion of high protein diet

Highlights of FeedAdd

Improves weight gain and F.C.R. and reduces morbidity and mortality

Promotes healthy microflora attached to gut lining

Improves digestion of proteins and other nutrients

Provides antimicrobial support to both feed and the gut

Advantages of FeedAdd

Used in over 40 countries

Aromatizer, Appetizer

Does not alter feed palatability

Field Tested in diverse climates

Phytogenic in nature with No Side Effects

Does not damage other ingredients in feed

Low inclusion rate

Completely safe for workers and non corrosive to equipment

Available as Feed Supplement