About Us

Inspired by Ayurveda (ancient Indian Science of life more than 5000 years old), we develop “all natural” nutrition & productivity promoting Phytogenic Feed Additives for Poultry, Pigs, Cattle & Horses using substances of Plants (Herbs) and transforming these into “Growth Promoting & Immunity Developing” products by traditional system of processing.

Growell India is registered with Government of India as a ‘manufacturer exporter’ (since 1996) and makes these products under ‘state of the art’ ‘world class quality standards’ following FAMI QS (since 2008) and ISO 9001 standards (since 2004).

Livestock, Poultry & Animal farming is an activity aimed at growth and reproduction and to convert conventional & economic items of food into nutritious and value added food items like meat, eggs etc. Growell India endeavors to help the feed industry and farmers by offering cost effective & result oriented products that make the conversion process better and faster by maximising growth, reproduction and survival rate.

Growell India’s products have natural ingredients, are safe, non-toxic, non residual, require no withdrawal period, have no negative side effects and are natural immunostimulants, growth promoters, production optimisers thus preventive / curative of many disorders and help exploit full genetic potential of Livestock, Poultry, Pigs, Dairy & Cattle to grow and reproduce.

Growell India believes in furthering traditional knowledge through research applying modern parameters, confirms results in field trials and standardises products for assured quality.

8 years ago