Phytogenic Emulsifier

Research conducted shows that BLENDALL acts as a natural bio surfactant & emulsifier. BLENDALL mimics the effect of bile salts & also increases their secretion so that additional emulsifying effect is achieved. This leads to increased feed utilization, reduced usage of fats/ oils in feed, faster & consistent weight gain. Thus leading to increase in productivity & profitability

Unique Mode of Action

Promotes the absorption of oil/ fat and fat soluble vitamins due to its bio surfactant property

Helps to increase secretion of bile salts naturally, which are natural emulsifiers

The action results in improved animal performance such as body weight gain, FCR and livability

Highlights of BlendAll

As the digestive tract in young animals is not yet completely developed, fat absorption from the feed matrix may be hampered. Mixing an emulsifier into the diet can overcome this problem by reducing the size of the fat globules and increasing the total surface available for enzymatic digestion

Advantages of BlendAll

Used in over 40 countries

Aromatizer and Appetizer

Low Inclusion Rate

Field Tested in diverse climates

No Side Effects

Enhances feed palatability

Phytogenic in Nature

Safe for the workers and non corrosive & non- greasy to the equipment

Available as Feed Supplement