The One Stop Solution To Coccidiosis

Research conducted showed that Coxynil eliminates coccidia by stimulating the production of cytotoxic T-cells which then attack the epithelial cells infected with micro and macrogametes to prevent the sporulation of oocysts


Unique Mode of Action

Attack and Eliminate Oocysts at the Schizont Stages

In vivo Cidal action on sporulated oocysts of all stages

Prohibits sporulation of excreted & ingested oocysts

Stages at which Coxynil Acts


Coxynil is the only anticoccidial on the market that acts at each and every stage of the life cycle. This makes sure the protozoa are eliminated at each stage, thereby ridding the animal of sub clinical infections – which no other anti-coccidial on the market can accomplish. Thus, Coxynil manages to not only act as an immunity builder but also a growth promoter.

Comparative studies have also shown that animals consuming Coxynil have significantly better attributes than those on other anticoccidials


Other Anticoccidials

Feed Conversion Ratio

Other Anticoccidials


Other Anticoccidials

Possibility of Outbreaks

Other Anticoccidials

A Few Publications Of Coxynil

Used in over 40 countries

No Resistance

No Shuttle Program Required

Field Tested in diverse climates

No Side Effects

Since 1997

Phytogenic in Nature

Research Based

Available in Powder and Liquid Forms