The Natural Growth Promoter

Research shows that Growell significantly improves Feed Conversion Ratio by Comprehensively detoxifying and increasing immunity, thereby reducing mortality & morbidity naturally


Unique Mode of Action

Cleansing Toxins and waste from both intestines and blood

Purifying Blood and decreasing Load on vital organs thereby helping organs regenerate naturally

Increasing Antibody titres against viruses and thereby increasing disease resistance

Nullifies the ill effects of Ochratoxins, Aflatoxins and Chemicals

Stimulates appetite and digestion

Regenerates damaged Liver Cells, Strengthens Duodenum & intestines

The Feed industry is in a dilemma as to how to reduce number of products going into the feed and how to increase general resistance to diseases, so that animals grow better and faster. Growell is a MUST product for the industry, as it increases overall immunity and also against viral diseases, eliminating several of them at sub clinical levels, detoxifying both the Gastro intestinal track and blood circulation system thereby stimulating liver and kidney, and acting as a Central nervous system stimulant thus reducing Stress. All above activities result in improved growth and performance of the animals

Comparative studies have also shown that animals consuming Growell have significantly better attributes than those on other anticoccidials


Other Anticoccidials

Feed Conversion Ratio

Other Anticoccidials


Other Anticoccidials

Possibility of Outbreaks

Other Anticoccidials

Advantages of Growell

Used in over 40 countries

No Resistance

No Shuttle Program Required

Field Tested in diverse climates

No Side Effects

Since 1997

Phytogenic in Nature

Research Based

Available in Powder and Liquid Forms