The Solution to Respiratory & Enteric Problems

Research has indicated that Respowell eliminates pathogenic bacteria altering the pH around the bacterial cells and creating an unfavourable environment thereby rupturing the cell membrane and causing them to dehydrate


Unique Mode of Action

Alter the pH around the pathogenic bacteria causing their cell membrane to rupture

Increase the T cell count thereby building up the overall immunity of the animal

Cause the pathogenic bacteria to plasmolyse thereby keeping the G I tract healthy

Field Trials Successfully Conducted on

Comparative studies have also shown that animals consuming Respowell have significantly better attributes than those on other products

Lung Score

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Mucosal Immunity

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Advantages of Respowell

Used in over 40 countries

No Contradiction with Antibiotics

No Shuttle Program Required

Field Tested in diverse climates

No Side Effects

Since 1997

Phytogenic in Nature

Research Based

Available in Powder and Liquid Forms