The One Stop Herbal Dewormer

WORMNIL is a Deworming Herbal Poultry & Animals Feed Supplement. WORMNIL is a unique combination of select herbs designed to eliminate and expel Tape Worms, Round Worms, Thread Worms, Hook Worms and their eggs in a natural and stress – free way. Being phytogenic, WORMNIL is completely safe and is free from any side – effects

Livestock occasionally ingest worms or their eggs which then multiply inside them. Some worm infestations have little or no symptoms, while others may result in morbidity & mortality. Helminths viz. Round Worms, Tape Worms etc. are chronic parasitic infections of Livestock. This problem is characterized by enteritis, diarrhoea and anorexia leading to loss in body weight, decreased feed consumption and ultimately, affecting the production. Many therapeutic anthelmintics are available in the market and are effective against specific group of helminths. These are required to be administered alongwith vitamins and have side effects like drop in production etc.. Wormnil eliminates all the Helminths with equal efficacy and also arrests the growth of Worms Eggs and Larva so that the next worm load gets postponed ahead

Advantages of Wormnil

Used in over 40 countries

No Need For Vitamins

Cost Effective

Field Tested in diverse climates

No Side Effects

Since 1997

Phytogenic in Nature

Research Based

WORMNIL is to be mixed in feed or given as a drench and given FOR 3 DAYS consecutively. In high worm load situations, it can be given for 5 days consecutively

Available in Powder and Liquid Forms